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The Jalebi Chronicles is an attempt by a group of seven members of the youth from Mumbai to provide reading material for the youth of India. We try to cover topics which are current and happening from across the globe.


Siddharth Gupta

226918_574529739225080_1068069010_n[1]Siddharth Gupta; part-time blogger, full-time dreamer. When not writing, you’ll find him getting his friends divorces or trying to make sense of football. An avid reader and MUNer and obsessed with Game of Thrones, Siddharth has many, colourful and very often, loud views on anything and everything that goes on in world. His tie collection is always the talk of the town.

Shalina Abhale

ShalinaShalina Abhale is our resident fashion critic. When she isn’t too busy wondering how in the world she could steal Anna Wintour’s job, she can be found getting along with absolutely everyone on this planet. She’s also our communications expert and is most likely to respond to all your queries, give you fashion advice if you don’t ask for it and tell you stories about her life.

Shayonnita Mallik

Agra '12 153Shayonnita has an opinion on almost everything under the sun. Writing and arguing are her fortes.  If you want Shayonnita with her sunny side up, learn her language of sarcasm. And if you take her out on a date, never, EVER offer to pay for her.

Achilles Rasquinha

AchilleshAchilles Rasquinha can be found stalking his friends on Facebook when he’s not writing some satire or strumming away on his guitar. Though busy, Achilles still finds the time to paint, read and crack jokes that usually make other people cry. No one really knows what combination of genes caused him to be this way. Achilles’ evolutionary process is currently being reviewed by a panel of experts. Results are expected shortly.

Diksha Negi

DiksDiksha Negi is a tiny, pretty 17-year-old human being who believes in the power of pink and all things girly and feminine. She loves giving relationship advice to anyone she comes across, including single folk. Her pastimes include pinching, hitting, shouting and biting. She is a born gold digger and handles Finance and Marketing for The Jalebi Chronicles when she isn’t too busy giggling.

Why The Jalebi Chronicles?

A  Jalebi is always sweet but crisp. Our motto, ‘Sweet Circles, Straight Talks’ indicates what we aim to do, ie; provide valid information and opinions backed by scientific reasoning and evidence. The circle is also a symbol of youth and more importantly, infinity. We don’t believe in being limited and we try to use our freedom of speech as best we can.

Besides, we like jalebis. They are nice. You will also come to like jalebis soon.

What we Want from you:

If any of our posts help or inform you, feel free to share them and inform other people about us. Get in touch with us by mail and always feel free to comment on posts. If you have any suggestions or would like us to cover certain topics for you, mention that as well.

Thank you for the read, and we hope you enjoy our blog!

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey guys! I really like what you’ll are doing here. It’s a great initiative and I do hope you’ll keep me hooked on and hungry for more. Kudos to the team!

  2. Sexy stuff here you guys. Love the theme and the name of the blog too , jalebis FTW.
    ( Just don’t ever put Jalebi bai as your theme song if you ever have one )

  3. Love your blog, but love your ‘about us’ part the most! Keen to get your views on the story of the awakening of a spent nation written in verse at Looking forward.

    • Thanks very much, we’re glad you like what we do here. Do remember to share our blog and tell people about us on Facebook. 🙂 We’ll be sure to check that link out and thanks for the views and comment!

  4. Charles Lasrado says:

    I am impressed by your tag line : “Sweet Circles. Straight Talk”
    Wish you all the best in your endeavour of providing valid information / opinion with scientific analysis.

  5. Meher Suri says:

    This blog title is ingenious and the posts are quite thought provoking…also the ‘about us’ is my favourite part!

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