When Romcoms got it Wrong


January 7, 2014 by thejalebichronicles

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Yet another Sunday, and all us girls have done is sit and watch Romedy Now, sighing with each dialogue and crying at each happy ending. Hollywood’s biggest movie genre is responsible for a lot of myths among us women folk, and it’s time someone clears them up.



Myth #1

 Boys and Girls Cannot be ‘Just Friends’


The most commonly debated myth and one that fuels most rom coms today, Myth #1 states that people of the opposite gender can never  be ‘just friends.’ At one point, they must fall for each other. Cue the blinds, show the cast and play the happily ever after song. Thank you, When Harry met Sally and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But hey, Bollywood seems to be realistic in that sense at least (who would have thought!) and made “Ekk Main Aur Ek tu”.

Myth #2
The Nerd-Chick is the Prettiest

Deepika turning beautiful. Alll it took was removal of chashma.

There’s nothing a makeover, lots of eye makeup and tiny skirts won’t fix. A Cinderella Story, High School Musical and It’s a boy-girl thing exemplify how the popular girl can and will be beaten by the shy-bookish one halfway through the movie when the latter suddenly realizes the importance of looking pretty. Ever realized how EVERYONE looks prettier when they just take off those damned spectacles?

Myth #3
The Jerk is the one with the Largest Heart



Next time you read a whiny 13 year old complaint in an Agony Aunt column about  how she “cannot seem to change my boyfriend for the better,” you can write thank you notes to the directors of 10 Things I Hate about you, who make you believe the tormentor is your Prince Charming.

Reality... *sigh*

Reality… *sigh*

Myth #4
Love Happens at First Sight


There are very few of us today who can tell the beating of the heart apart from the beating of other more private regions. Sparks really don’t fly when you see a person for the first time, nor can you see yourself having their babies the moment your eyes meet. But hey, if Sleepless in Seattle tells you to…


Opposites Attract


Once again, credits to 10 Things I Hate about you and Gone with the Wind. Sometimes people are just too different to tolerate each other, stay with each other their entire lives or you know, not kill each other. Really girls, stop listing out how perfect you two are for each other simply because you cannot stand even a single thing he does.

Myth #6
One Epiphany Fixes all

So you had one fight. And then you had one thought where you visualize your happily ever after; and you crawl back to that person realizing you’re meant to be.  “Hey, I messed up and he knows I know I messed up. Everything is back to normal now.” And they lived happily ever after. Because all of us only have one fight with respective partners and once that’s resolved, all will be well forever.

Mr. Fix-it is on his way


As much as I love Pretty Woman, I refuse to believe that a rich, handsome millionaire, with a big heart will fall in love with a street-walker and all her life’s many crises will be resolved now. Try fixing yourself first, and you might just run into a guy who has a job other than being Mr. Fixit to random girls.

Myth #8
Everything will Work out in the end

Maybe it won’t. Or maybe it will. The one kiss that brought you together is usually just the start of a series of ups and downs that each relationship has, which may last forever. Then again, maybe not.  After all, contentedly riding off into the sunset isn’t everyone’s ultimate ambition.

Deal with it.

Deal with it.

– Diksha Negi

3 thoughts on “When Romcoms got it Wrong

  1. megha says:

    I love this!! Like you just took the words out of my mouth! This is the reason I dont like rom coms too.many unrealistic expectations..but I guess its just a reflection of how women are expected to turn into glamazons and ‘change’ men through their ‘goodness’ in a patriarchal sure the trend will change some day

  2. venkat says:

    Interesting,what you have here. Romcoms are, for the most part, glorious shams.

  3. palakkapadia says:

    Very interesting this! You had me agreeing with every line!

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