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September 1, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

We’ve tried everything, we promise. Right from setting timetables to asking friends to slap us Imagewhen we put something off for later. If there’s anything we haven’t cast our procrastinating spell on, it is our efforts to deal with this evil malady. You would think that after reading sentences like -“There are many ways to avoid success in life, but the most sure-fire one just might be procrastin- ation.“ {Source: Psychology Today}, we would try to radically change our lives. But no, the evil remains.


A survey conducted on college students shows that at least 80% of them engage in procrastination. While people might think that we possess some superpower to meet deadlines even though we put things off for the last minute, we really don’t.  According to Vik Nathy, procrastination is an argument between our limbic system and pre-frontal cortex. His TED talk, though slightly awkward, is very enlightening.


As mentioned before, procrastination is hard to shake off. However, with a little discipline, we might just manage to change our postponing ways. Try setting small goals instead of over the top, unattainable ones. Reward yourself with a Kit-Kat once you do complete these goals. Something that’s always helped me put my mind to work is the very same thing that causes me to procrastinate-the fear of failure. Remind yourself of the doom that awaits you if you don’t meet deadlines.


Just remember, a little discipline never killed anybody! Log out of Facebook, put your phone away and get working!

To watch Vik Nathy’s TED talk, visit this link-

 – Abisha Fernandes


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