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July 28, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

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emptypocketsMinuscule budgets, anxious parents and countless assignments… If WordPress incorporated hash tags, this post would be titled #teenproblems in caps. As if all these things weren’t enough, along comes that special someone, (or in certain cases, multiple someones) who take your heart away along with your wallet. Where can you go in Mumbai to capture a few stolen moment and starry eyed stares that doesn’t steal just as much from your sensitive pocketbook? TJC answers that question, narrowing down on places that have the look, taste and appeal while not taking that big a chunk out of your allowance; around 500 Rs or less per person.

1.) Candies, Bandra

Candies in Bandra (West), Mumbai[1]

Tucked away in a lane off Carter Road, Candies is the ideal spot for a teenage date. With an entire bungalow redone as a restaurant, there are as many niches and secret corners with the dim lighting providing the perfect tone for a romantic evening. Self-service ensures that staff won’t interrupt you at frequent intervals.  From pastas to pastries, the menu fulfills all your heart’s desires!The loud music can be a turn-off on the upper floor, but the open balcony ensures that you can step away from the AC room to a more scenic and natural atmosphere.

Tip: For those of you who are running extremely short for the month, the staff doesn’t keep tabs on when you enter or leave. Walk in, sit around for hours and order nothing and no one will be any the wiser.

2.) Teapot Café, Fort

photo_the-teapot-cafe_fort_mumbai@ej53g48h_r36_5_300[1]Teapot Café internalizes all of South Mumbai’s charm, but with menus as unusual to the posh downtown area as can be. Rolls, pancakes, salads and soups are all under Rs. 100 and are fit for your pocket. On every table lie a pack of cards and one can lounge in the comfortable living room styled restaurant for hours. Meal portions are adequate and value for money is very high. Little coupons are given to visitors who come to the eatery for the first time, giving them a discount when they visit next. The place is perfect for a quiet sit-down after a long and tiring day at college.

3.) Costa Coffee, Khar

Though Costa Coffee has about 15 different outlets in Mumbai, the Khar branch stands out and tops the charts in providing teens with an ideal spot for a tete-a-tete. Fall in love with the outdoor umbrella seating and if not, seek air conditioned comfort in the quaint interiors, which boast plush chairs and cushions. Though prices are a little on the higher end, come here for a first date; neither too intimate nor too formal. Though the menu is unoriginal, the ambience still feels like home.


4.) Tea Centre, Churchgate

teacentre4[1]Tea Centre opposite ADCB Bank near Churchgate Station is set in a tiny niche of Mumbai and remains coolly detached from the rest of the world. The tea shop does not merely provide the perfect romantic rendezvous but can be a great place to find inner peace when alone. A stone’s throw away from the station makes it a convenient place to stop by, but once you enter it, you will have trouble looking back. A wide variety of teas are available, along with snacks that are all reasonably priced. However, a put off is the staff who won’t leave you in peace for very long.

5.) Imbiss, Bandra


For all you meat-lover couples, Imbiss might be the perfect place for a date! The place has a cosy charm which is lovely to experience.  With just one vegetarian dish on the menu, this place wows you with its German-inspired meat dishes.  Each costs a little less than Rs. 200 and none will disappoint!  Try the Danish pork chop, the sausage platter or the Milanesa Nepolitana . Be warned, Imbiss fills up pretty fast so you might have to wait around for a table!

So there you have it, five spots to have amorous assignations for the non working populace. Do you know of any other places in Mumbai that can boast the same? Feel free to comment below!

–          Alaric Moras


3 thoughts on “Amorous Assignations

  1. Love it! 😀 Go Alaric ^_^

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