Band Review: Groove Gully

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July 21, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

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Origin:                Mumbai, India
Genre:                Blues, Rock, Jazz, Pop rock, Indie pop
Zian Alphonso      (Lead vocalist: female)
Tizaan Alphonso   (Lead vocalist: male)
Farokh Shroff       (Lead Guitarist)
Joshua Dias          (Bass Guitarist)
Enoch Dias           (Drummer, percussionist)

You turn on your iPod and  you’ve got Ella Fitzgerald/Al Jarreau-like vocals, Max Roach’s etiquette and a slight pinch of the desi dhun ahead on your playlist. Shuffling and dubstep was never your cup of tea.  However, you’ve always wanted a multifarious mix of genres ranging from sassy jazz to gloomy blues steaming hot on your music platter. The TJC team reviews Mumbai’s upcoming band, Groove Gully with its eargasmically satisfying tunes which are sure to delight your auricles!

Groove Gully live at the Blue Frog.

Groove Gully live at the Blue Frog.

What’s in the Name?
The question is, what’s NOT in the name?!

Groove Gully  introduces you to almost every music genre ranging from pop rock to jazz, funk and blues! They initially started out with the name Fourplay, with their team of four members until their fifth member and lead guitarist, Farokh Shroff stepped in. Groove Gully’s motto remains simple- Music Reloaded! They compose unplugged versions of various hits, covers of conventional songs and of course, add their own groovy spice.

The Elite-ment
Vocals: A male-female duet is usually characterized by the high-pitch feminized tenor in union with the male’s bass but here’s the twist; the crux of the band’s strength lies in the pair of their two vocalists, Zian and Tizaan Alphonso, with Zian’s unblemished basso voice in duet with Tizaan’s jazzy sopranos, all together making one amazing combination!

The Innovative Jugalbandhi
Here is where the band adds their desi spice. Play out their latest singe ‘Take a Chance’ from their upcoming album of the same name.

(Click here to their latest, Take a Chance)

The entire song screams creativity and innovation from  lyrics undefined to a  never-before heard composition, notice the unique talent on display. Tizaan on the  keyboard plays an impressive instrumental duet with Farokh on lead at the end of this song. Amateur at sight, professional by fate.

Into the Future!

Overall, TJC senses a new sound in the circuit for lovers of multiple genres. The band participates in various college festivals of B-town like IITB’s Mood-Indigo, St. Xavier’s Malhar, Sophia’s Kaleidoscope, etc.  Questioning their aptitude was never part of the game with new achievements always better than their previous ones. In the year 2012, the band won second place at the IIT Mood-Indigo fest. Their songs ‘Take a Chance’ and ‘Outta my mind’ have won the People’s Choice Award at the CBS Prime Idol Contest. The band has performed at numerous up-scale venues which include The Blue Frog and The Little Doors. Their future seems bright and we wish them all the best!

– Achilles Rasquihna

Booking Agents:
Zian Alphonso:    +919820434345
Tizaan Alphonso: +919920022361


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