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July 6, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

Sartorial Spells: Weaving magic for the fashion conscious.

The monsoons have finally arrived and while many are enjoying the intoxicating aroma of moist soil and deriving visual appeasement from the green lush, I am not impressed. Call me fastidious, but I don’t enjoy jumping in puddles of infected brown water or looking at hapless birds fluttering in search of a habitat. However, what pains me the most is that wardrobes go from chic and colorful to drab and practical soon after a light drizzle; capris replacing shorts, wellies replacing wedges, tees replacing tubes… The monsoons have never really been a fashion friendly season.

It was after a rigorous session of brainstorming that my otherwise mundane perception of fashionably backward monsoons underwent a change . Realization struck when I understood that there was one outfit which, with a few tweaks, could pave the way for a stylish monsoon- The Skirt!

One of the most feminine and sensual items in a woman’s wardrobe, the skirt has been known to suit every body type.


However, when I say ‘skirts for the monsoons’, I don’t mean the sheer floral ones that will make you feel like Marilyn Monroe every time a wind blows your way, but the steadier, edgy ones that can withstand a storm. So, here they are; skirts for all!

 Skater Skirts


Courtesy: Style

One word. PLEATS.  Pleated skater skirts, in monochromatic shades are the go-to option this monsoon. Since flares are a strict no-no, what better than a forest green pleated skirt or a metallic one to accentuate that slender waist?

Skirt Trivia: Skater skirts are perfect for the pear and cone shaped bodies; while they create a slender illusion for the former, they complement the slenderness of the latter.


Courtesy: Bombaystylestalker

A personal favorite, the mini skirt wins the versatility award. Be it denim or chevron, minis are an instant crowd-puller.  Wear denim to college, Aztec for coffee and shimmer for a night-out; minis can slip from casual to dressy almost effortlessly.

Style Tip: Go high on prints this monsoon. Experiment with Aztec, newspaper print, tribal art, animal art; even chevron et al.  Ditch the pastels and corals, experiment with bad ass shades like electric pinks, aqua blues, neon greens, magenta and burning orange.

Peplum Skirts

Courtesy: BombayStyleStalker

Courtesy: BombayStyleStalker

With Kate Middleton leading the Peplum Parade last year, everyone has donned this attire since then. Although a classic option for formal events, go bold this season with peplums in shades of neon, or give color-blocking a try.

Tulip Skirts

PastedGraphic_3PastedGraphic_4As the name suggests, Tulip skirts are in the shape of inverted tulips, clinching at the waist and voluminous at the bottom.  A perfect fit for banana-shaped bodies; the tulip skirt adds needed volume and curves.

Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts may not be the wisest choice for a day out in the rains, but I would wear one anyway. Remember, a girl’s whims cannot be denied her!

Style Tip: Break out of the traditional wrap skirt and opt for apparel more abstract in terms of the shape. Geometric designs are a great addition to one’s wardrobe.
Asymmetrical Skirts

If you’re that sort of girl who wouldn’t shy away from experimental fashion, the asymmetrical skirt is your ultimate pick. With no definite shape or cut, this skirt is as unconventional as it gets.

Style Tip: Accessorize as minimally as possible. This is the perfect time to bring those statement pieces out of the wardrobe. Play with feathers, chains, chokers, baroque and, everything trendy but hassle-free.


Suspender Skirts

The Suspender skirt is yet to make a grand entry in the Indian Fashion Circle. Nevertheless, one look at this creation and I’m left love-struck.

So, this monsoon, don’t let anyone or anything rain on your parade as you strut down the street in your favorite skirt and top. Because seasons may change but style will never fade.
–          Shalina Abhale


One thought on “Skirting Around!

  1. Krishna Rao says:

    Too good Rock on….

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