When on a Budget, Head South!


June 10, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

Sartorial Spells:- Weaving magic for the fashion conscious

I have come to realize something very important over these past few years- the number of uber cool trends are on the rise but unfortunately, my budget is not! If you’re a compulsive fashionista who needs to keep up with the trends as they’re pacing from metallic to neon to shimmer to god-knows-what-next, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Of course, not everyone can afford to strut into Zara or swing by Forever 21 whenever a new trend hits the market. However, everyone can’t afford to sit idle, either! So, what does one do, when in such a pickle? How do you just stay at home when that gorgeous ear cuff is going out of stock every minute? Where do you go to nurture this notorious habit that results in huge holes in one’s pocket? Well, that’s easy- Colaba Causeway is your place!

I have never been very good with budgets, but in the spirit of adventure, I have decided to take up a rather daunting challenge; a bullet I was hoping to dodge- I have decided to scour the streets of Colaba in search of the five accessories one must possess. Oh, and this I will be doing in under Rs 600!

Double finger moustache ring (Rs 50)

PastedGraphic-6 PastedGraphic-7

Nothing says ‘quirky’ better than this ring! Staches are all over the place this season-t-shirts, earrings, chains, even watches! Hence, it wasn’t so difficult to find this item. Priced at Rs50, these manly whiskers are not only super fun but also extremely versatile wear it with a casual tee or a body con dress; it’ll add adequate quirkiness to both.

Green Neon choker (Rs 120)


“The neon choker? Really?! Too much, maybe?!”

I realize how this is not what you had in mind when I said wardrobe must-haves. But girls, we’re at that point in our lives when everything seems  erratic decisions, erratic relationships and hell, those erratic mood swings!-.   This neon choker is an emblem of our youth, an epitome of our impulsiveness and free spiritedness. Because when young, head to crazy-land!

Style tip: Neon can destroy your outfit as easily as it can enhance it. So, pair wisely! Use the choker with a black and/or Aztec jumpsuit, spray painted wedges and you’re ready to grab some serious eyeballs!

Spike statement neckpiece (Rs 180)

PastedGraphic-14This was love at first sight.

This edgy neckpiece is one of a kind. It might not be very versatile but it is quite the beauty! After a 15 minute long bargain-ordeal, I finally bought it for Rs 180.

Red winged collar necklace (Rs 100)

PastedGraphic-13Collar necklaces are a rage these days. The red badge in the centre, in addition to the fact that this piece can go from day to night with almost no effort, was enough to draw me to it.

Style tip: Wear it with a maxi dress when on the beach; a peach sheer top when feeling dressy; and when in an adventurous mood, try color-blocking with an electric blue ensemble!

Neon earrings (Rs 75)

PastedGraphic-12I just had to have these beauties! The neon yellow compliments the gold gorgeously. Also, since neon is the new black, these earrings are a statement in themselves.

Wear it how you like! How can anyone go wrong with them?

After nearly three hours of rampaging (and a lot of bargaining,) I finally completed the task at hand. All in all this was one hell of a fashion escapade!

–          Shalina Abhale


4 thoughts on “When on a Budget, Head South!

  1. Aishwarya says:

    Awsome finds shali! :* 😀

  2. Sharvari Shah says:

    Amazing! I love reading your blog!

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