Because Fashion is Everywhere.


June 1, 2013 by thejalebichronicles

Sartorial Spells:- Weaving magic for the fashion conscious


Walking the streets of Colaba is no short of embarking on a quest, an unpredictable quest, where not knowing what to expect is the biggest boon. From antique pieces at archaic stalls to, the ones that are mysteriously hidden away in the nooks, Colaba causeway has something to offer to every ‘lover of good things’.

My love affair with the Causeway began three years ago when South Mumbai was just beginning to work its charm on me. As I was heading to Colaba, my fashionista -self beaming with hope, I wondered if the causeway would even be half the mystical land I had imagined it to be. Fortunately, the fashionista in me was not disappointed. I was style struck, to say the least; blown away by the coral beads that flanked the stalls, the bags-the practical totes and the structured satchels, by the tasteful animal- print jumpsuits that made me gasp with joy; by the chandelier earrings in hues of yellows and pinks; by the counterfeit Hermès colour blocked scarves and by the coloured vintage lamps adorning the wooden tables. It truly was a fashionista’s paradise.

image_1It was only during my second visit to the causeway that I realised a little something that I had not earlier. The bubblegum linked neckpiece that had been dangling on the highest rod of a causeway stall for a mere Rs 750 three months ago was now found beautifying a popular fashion store. A mannequin was wearing a peach sheer top that had caught my eye, last month; an identical jewelled collar necklace was being sold by a renowned fashion blogger, one that I had bought from the causeway only last week. It took me a while to figure out the pattern but when I did,each trip to the causeway seemed worth it- a fashion paradise was not all; the causeway had become a go-to-guide for numerous fashion lovers!

A variety of accessories that were showcased on fashion blogs, websites, (even certain stores,) had been picked off the causeway! Besides becoming a sanctuary for the stringent pockets of the youth, it had become a Jerusalem of sorts for the latest trends!


‘Fashion is for the privileged.’ -this is a grave misconception that many of us harbour.

When I was 16, I lusted after a pair of Swarovski studded Manolos.

I remember wondering if I would ever feed the fashionista in me if being fashionable meant shelling 75k for a pair of pumps.

However, it is only now that I understand that fashion has nothing to do with brands, tags and labels.

Being fashionable doesn’t imply being able to afford a Catherine Malandrino gown or a Chanel clutch. Although some might treat fashion as a commodity of conspicuous consumption, I, on the other hand believe that fashion is not a measure of one’s riches. Because fashion is not a lifestyle; it’s a habit.

– Shalina Abhale


6 thoughts on “Because Fashion is Everywhere.

  1. anitapadman says:

    Loved the last line “Because fashion is not a lifestyle; it’s a habit”

  2. Sharvari Shah says:

    This is really good! And as a fashion lover myself, I completely agree with your opinion!!
    Especially with your last line! 🙂

    I love your articles! ❤ write some more


    • Thank you for the view and comment, Sharvari 🙂 Stay tuned for our upcoming article detailing must-haves from the Causeway. Also, feel free to share the post if you found it worth your while!

      – TJC

  3. Aditya Khare says:

    Am a fashion blogger myself and got to learn here a lot! Keep it up guys!

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